Audi S4 4WD B5 Black Diamond 12 Groove Front Discs (Part no: KBD1096G12) — £192.62 RRP: £214.03

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Part Number: KBD1096G12
Disc Type: Front Vented
Year: 97 - 01
Engine Size: 2671cc
Disc Diameter: 321mm
Disc Thickness: 30mm
Min Disc Thickness: 28mm
Disc Offset: 47mm
Bore Diameter: 68mm
Bolt Holes: 5+5

Black Diamond Brake Discs. These award winning High Performance Brake discs are made to the most exacting standards using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and computerised production available in 4 different Performance based designs. Coming up to their 20 year Anniversary Black Diamond has been at the forefront of High Performance Braking winning award after award along the way and growing an ever increasing reputation for being 'THE' brakes to have.

The Cross Drilled range is chosen for extra cooling. The 6 or 12 Groove range for more instant response and greater friction. Or Black Diamond's award winning Combination range for extra cooling, extra friction and instant response.

But, whatever disc type you choose they all come with Black Diamond's unique compound and extra heat treatment to provide you with the highest level of braking performance which you can count on when you need it most in your High Performance or modified vehicle.